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Jeschke, Brenda

» Jeschke, Brenda
9073 County Road 290 Buffalo, TX, Texas, USA


Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Brenda Jeschke, I have been quilting since 1982 and showing my quilts in competition since 1989.  I am a traditional quilt lover and make mostly bed-size quilts.  I am not a quilt designer or an artist, I am a machine piecer, hand appliquer, and hand quilter and my quilts are made from patterns that are in the public domain and available to any quilter.

In 1996 I had a quilt exhibit at the Ziegler Museum in Jennings, Louisiana.  In May 2003, I had an article published in the Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine pertaining to a binding technique that I have developed using straight-grain binding with butted corners.  In April 2005, my quilt Wedgewood Blue was featured in the book Mastering the Art of McTavishing by Karen McTavish.  In June 2014 was published in the Revised 2nd Edition  book Mastering the Art of

McTavishing by Karen McTavish.  This was such a honor because I had the only hand-quilted “McTavishing” quilt in the two books of machine quilted  quilts.  Over the years of showing my quilts in competition I have won many awards on the local, regional, and national level.  I have won awards at the Dallas Quilt Celebration, the NQA quilt show, and The Appliqué Society quilt show, to name a few major quilt shows.   I am a member of the American Quilter’s Society (AQS), and the Quilters’ Guild of East Texas in Tyler, Texas.

I have been teaching quilt classes since 1991, judging quilt shows in 1997, program lecturing in 2001, and teaching machine embroidery classes in 2007.   I live on a small farm outside of Buffalo with my husband William Cole.  My other hobbies include working in my yard and garden, in addition to the upkeep of the farm.  I also enjoy doing any type of embroidery work (such as cross-stitch, hardanger, and silk ribbon).  Above all I am just an ordinary girl who happens to love to make quilts and share my knowledge.

Thank you,




TIPS AND TECHNIQUES (What the Books Don’t Always Tell You)

I have put together a lecture that covers some tips and techniques that I have found that work for me, since I have been quilting for over 30 years I have found that sometimes what the book or pattern says doesn’t always work.  In this lecture I also include about 8-10 of my quilts that I also share with the members of your guild.  This lecture usually lasts about 1 hour.  I cover all the topics from picking out your quilt pattern to washing and storing your quilts.

JUDGING CRITERIA – Thru the Eyes of the


I use this lecture as a way of discussing what the Judge is looking at when we judge your quilt in the show.  I have used my quilts that have been judged previously as an example along with the critiques that were made concerning the quilt – as to what was a good point and what was an area that needed to be improved.  I have approximately 8-10 quilts that I use.  This lecture usually lasts 1 hour.


This is a trunk show consisting of about 25 quilts.  I discuss color combinations, special techniques used, design changes, and  quilting pattern designs to enhance the quilt.  This lecture lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


 A lecture with a trunk show that will give tips, suggestions, and ideas that when applied with your quilt techniques will enhance your ability to compete in a judged quilt show.  Quilts will show the examples of points of discussion in the lecture.  This lecture will take about 1 hour and encourages members to ask questions.


This lecture consists of about 25 quilts that will show you some mistakes that I learned from and show ideas for not what to do the next time, lecture gives tips for tools that work and tools that don’t work.  Very educational as well as a enjoyable trunk show.  The lecture lasts about 1 hour and open for questions.



 This lecture will show you how to take your embroidery machine and using purchased designs to stitch and combining your quilting

skills to make unique quilts.  The trunk show consists of 30-35 quilts and inspires you to get out the other half of your sewing/embroidery machine and use it.  The lecture lasts about 1 hour.

Lecture fee:   mileage and meals and overnight stay when  needed,  contact for lecture fee price.

Quilts For Programs

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In this workshop I cover not only how-to hand quilt your quilt top but we also discuss the quilting needle, the quilting thread, and most importantly the quilt batting.  The student learns about marking the quilting design and the appropriate amount of hand quilting for their quilt top.  We discuss how-to sandwich and baste your quilt for preparation of hand quilting.  This is about a 3 hour workshop, but we do not quilt for the entire 3 hours.  This is a very technical course that covers everything you may need to know to improve your hand quilting stitch.


In this workshop the student learns to work with half-square triangles to make a block that will be the foundation for the whole quilt design.  You will learn to piece the half-square triangles without working with the bias edges and also how sometimes the block doesn’t make the design but that it takes many blocks set together and only then does the quilt top make the design.  There will be several settings for this quilt that can be used.  This is a 3 hour workshop (or can be all day) in which the student makes enough blocks to understand the concept of the quilt design.


In this workshop the student will learn to make the 12 most common stitches used in silk ribbon embroidery work.  After learning these stitches you will be able to apply your ribbon work to any surface (quilts, wearables, home décor).  This is a 3 hour workshop.  The student will be required to purchase a ribbon kit from the teacher.


This workshop will have you take your embroidery machine along with your favorite purchased embroidery designs and combining with your quilt making skills to make machine embroidery quilts.  You will use your embroidery machine in ways you had probably never thought of before.  Very educational and brings a new dimension into your quilting world.  The workshop lasts about 4-5 hours.


This workshop will have you learn three

different binding techniques to use on the finished edge of your quilts, along with learning to apply a binding with machine stitching.  The workshop is about 4 hours long and requires using your sewing machine in class.

Contact for workshop fee with a class limit of 18 students

Hand Quilting Workshop

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Machine Embroidery Workshop

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Piece and Design Workshop

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Workshop

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 Time line of my quilting career:

Began quilting in 1982

Began exhibiting in quilt shows in 1989

Began teaching quilt techniques in 1991

Began judging quilt shows in 1997

Began guild lectures/workshops in 2001

Began machine embroidery classes in 2007




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