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The following links provide a listing of local teachers, their email addresses, their lecture, workshop, "speciality" details and websites, if provided to TAQG. The council is providing this list of teachers as a service for teachers and guilds. If you are a teacher and would like more information on how to get on the list, please send an email to quiltingpony@hotmail.com.
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Boschert, Deborah

» Boschert, Deborah
Lewisville, TX, United States

Meet Deborah



Check out Deborah's website at: http://deborahsstudio.com/workshops-and-more/


  • I’m an artist. (Self-taught. Always experimenting and learning.)
  • My art quilts and fiber collages have been published in books and magazines and exhibited all over the world.
  • I believe everyone has a creative spirit and I love helping others explore that spirit.
  • Sometimes I make a big mess when I’m creating. Sometimes it takes days to clean up.
  • My favorite color combination is green and purple.
  • I’ve lived in Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, California, Maine, Texas and Maryland.
  • My artwork incorporates personal symbols like houses, leaves, stones and handwriting.
  • I love crossword puzzles and cracking codes.
  • I don’t cut paper with my fabric scissors. (Usually.)
  • If I want two things stuck together, I prefer to sew a seam. I’m not so good with the glue.
  • When I’m making an art quilt, I love picking out the colors and fabrics. I love conceiving the design. Sometimes I run out of enthusiasm when it comes to actually putting it together.
  • My middle name is Hope.
  • I don’t like watermelon or mac and cheese.
  • I love coffee, brownies, ice cream and tacos!
  • I often add hand embroidery to my art quilts while sitting in my grandmother’s old rocking chair.
  • I’m a list maker, but not necessarily a list follower.
  • I have a wonderfully fun and supportive family. My husband Jeff and I met when we were teenagers. We love sharing adventures with our kids, Claire and Benjamin.
  • It’s always a priviledge to share my artwork and ideas about creating art. I teach workshops online, in videos, through webinars — and even in real life!
  • When I’m making art, my heart beats faster and I feel joyful.

Workshops and More

Thanks so much for considering me for a workshop or program with your group. I really enjoy sharing the creative spirit and offering nuggets of inspiration! Please feel free to email me with questions or requests. I am eager to put together a program that will fit the needs of your group.


Stitching,Symbols,Signature Style

Deborah shares her most recent art quilts and talks about developing her own personal style. Tons of examples of her favorite techniques, materials and themes. Deborah includes many symbolic 8shapes in her art
quilts and she’ll discuss how those came to be. She’ll tell stories about exciting collaborations, surprising discoveries and finding inspiration in unexpected places.







All About Art Quilts

What exactly is an art quilt? What can you look for in the art quilt category at a quilt show? What can you talk about when someone says they are an art quilter? Deborah will share a fun overview of art quilting including lots of pictures and examples. This is a great program for guilds who want to get a taste of the art quilting world… even if they make mostly traditional quilts.9



Captivating Compositions

Deborah introduces eight classic compositions and shares inspiring examples from fine art, mixed media, art quilting and traditional quilting. Learn how these compositions can guide any artist in creating fabulous, original work. The presentation is enthusiastic and approachable… not dry and academic. A fresh look at design and composition. (Also a great program for non-art-groups who want a lively, inspiring presentation about creativity and art appreciation.)

Twelve by Twelve: Inspirations and Adventures from the Art Quilt Challenge

Deborah is a member of “Twelve by Twelve” an international group of art quilters. Each artist created small quilts on different themes. The results are published in the book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge. Deborah shares how the group came together and how other artists can create similar groups and challenges. She’ll share images, techniques, styles and inspiration from her own art and the work of the other “Twelves.” (See the collection here.)10

Getting From Start to Art: 76 Tips to Jump Start Your Creativity

Deborah shares quilts from her journey as a fiber artist including traditional pieced bed quilts, contemporary art quilts and mixed media collages. She talks about her inspirations, successes, challenges and light-bulb moments. This program is packed with tons of tips to inspire all kinds of artists.11

Trunk Show

Deborah will share quilts from her early days when she pieced from patterns and her recent original award-winning art quilts — and some surprises in between. She’ll be happy to talk about all the nitty-gritty details about techniques, materials, inspiration and her creative process.

Captivating Compositions for Art Quilts

Deborah introduces eight design guides that get the creative juices flowing. Look at examples of captivating compositions from fine art and the quilt world. Create a “sketch” for each of the design guides using 12fused fabrics. Learn to edit, audition and improvise using a super helpful design checklist. Explore adding details with machine and hand stitching. Your completed set of fabric sketches can be used as instruction and inspiration for future art quilts.
One day workshop. Appropriate for all levels.
Supply List.



Creativi-Tree Art Quilts

Create a small art quilt with a beautifully original tree using a simple formula and interchangeable patterns. Explore layers of design and innovative stitching. Deborah will share several options for edge treatments and finishing techniques. Super fun, uncomplicated process and patterns make this a great project for enthusiastic beginners.13
One day workshop. Appropriate for all levels.

Supply List.

Kits can be provided. Kit info. 




Techniques with Paint and Ink

Simple techniques and supplies, stupendous results! Cut freezer paper stencils, create foam stamps, print with found objects and make marks with pen and ink! We’ll talk about shapes, pattern, repetition, and color. Students will leave with a beautiful stash of original fabrics ready to be used in art quilts, collage or mixed media.14
One day workshop. Great to combine with Techniques with Fabric and Stitch and Intuitive Fabric Collage.





Techniques with Fabric and Stitch

Explore several techniques for creating interesting shapes, patterns, symbols by manipulating fabric, thread and embroidery floss. Explore free-cut fused shapes, learn to outline for emphasis, create layers with sheer fabrics and add glitz with foil. Plus, options for unique stitching by machine and by hand. Students will leave with a collection of inspiring examples to add to their own creative process.
One day workshop. Great to combine with Techniques with Paint and Ink and Intuitive Fabric Collage.15
Kits can be provided.
Appropriate for all levels.






Head, Heart and Hands: Developing Your Creative Voice

Learn to fully utilize your head, heart and hands in your creative process as you develop your own unique and original creative voice. Prompts, lists, exercises, mind-maps and lots of Q&A will generate lightbulb moments for understanding your art. Students will share examples of their art and discuss themes, possibilities and potential in each other’s work. “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” — St. Francis16
Half or Full Day Workshop. Appropriate for all levels and any kind of art group. (Very few supplies needed. Just pen and paper, enthusiasm and creative spirit!)






Art Quilt Collage

Super fun, improvisational workshop exploring a variety of ideas and techniques to create a dynamic fabric collage filled with layers of design, texture and detail. Great for building creative confidence, trying new things and “seeing what happens.” We’ll talk about finding inspiration, choosing fabrics, easy ideas for composition and creating details with stitching by hand and by machine.17
One to four day workshop. Kits can be proved. Appropriate for all levels.






Small Stitched Landscapes

Create small fabric compositions full of texture, color and stitching inspired by nature. Each student will design four 4×4 inch art quilts that can be mounted as an inspired grouping. Learn intuitive tricks for design and composition. Explore several hand embroidery stitches. Combine various fabrics for maximum effect and detail. 18
Half day workshop includes composition and some stitching. One day workshop for full design, stitching and finishing.
Kits can be provided. Appropriate for all levels.






Ideas for Art Quilts

Spend a creative day trying new materials and techniques! You’ll create small art quilt “sketches” incorporating fused appliqué, surface design, embroidery and unusual embellishments. Deborah will suggest ways to incorporate these ideas into your own work.19
One or two day workshop.
Kits provided.
Appropriate for all levels.





Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series

Create a complete series of fiber art incorporating common elements. Use the Elements and Principles of Design to direct improvisational compositions. Tons of ideas for completely busting through any creative blocks! No rules, just fun! Full of tips for easy construction and finishing. (This project can be created without a sewing machine.)20
Half-day, one or two day workshop.
Kits provided for half-day workshop.
Appropriate for all levels.




Buds, Branches and Blossoms

*Also available as an online workshop!

Join Deborah in exploring botanical shapes, textures and patterns! I’ll share my process for creating a collage incorporating fabric, machine and hand stitching, and a variety of unexpected materials and techniques. You’ll choose your own fabrics, compose an original design and experiment with layers of detail. I’ll teach ways to add personal design to your fabrics with painted patterns. We’ll use simple construction techniques, then enhance your collage with a variety of unusual materials and interesting embellishments. Plus, I’ll share tons of fun embroidery stitches to add more detail.
One or two day workshop.21
Appropriate for all levels.







Illuminated Letter Ornaments or Illuminated Art Quilts

Create a beautiful ornament with your initial in metallic foil. Embellish with sequins, swirly hand embroidery or silk leaves and flowers. These elements are inspired by traditional illuminated manuscripts.
Mini-workshop, half day, one or two day workshop.22
Kits available.






Lecture/Programs: $400 (or $350 if booked with a workshop)
Full Day Workshop: $650 per day
Half Day Workshop: $450
Plus travel and lodging.






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