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1939 Sussex Drive
Carrollton, TX 75007
Hours by Appointment Only

At Quilting Design Studio I specialize in professional
Hand-Guided and Computer Assisted Longarm Machine Quilting.

by: Richard Larson
Named one of the
Top 5 Longarm Quilters of the 21st Century
by the National Quilt Museum in 2011




Richard Larson's Biography

Richard Larson is an award winning quilter that started sewing at the age of 6.  Richard graduated Wades Fashion Merchandising College obtaining a degree in Fashion Design and Textiles.

In the early 70’s and 80’s he worked in two different fashion houses in Dallas, Texas where he designed women’s After Five Apparel.

Richard started Quilting Design Studio in 1997, when he bought his first longarm machine.  At this time he was a corporate travel agent.   After quilting for friends for practice, he took the leap of faith, quit his job and started quilting for the public full time. Since starting in 1997, Richard has quilted over 6000 quilts. 

In his career as a longarm quilter he has been published in Quilters Newsletter Magazine in March 2005 and December 2006.

In 2011 American Quilting Society named Richard one of the 5 Best Longarm Quilters in the United States.  In recognition of this he was part of an exhibit honoring the top 5 at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  The exhibit was called “Quilting Reinvented – Longarm Quilters of the 21st Century”.  The exhibit ran from October 2011 until January 2012.

Richard was also featured in the book “Men and the Art of Quilt Making” by Joe Cunningham, which spotlighted exceptional quilting done by men.

Most recently he was recognized in Cynthia England’s book, “Picture Piecing Traditional Quilts” for quilting many of the quilts featured, as well as J. Michelle Watts book “Quilts of the Southwest”.  He was Featured Artist at the Tri-County Quilt Show in Cypress Texas February 2014.


Machine Quilting Services 

Note: All Machine Quilting Services require a flat $8.00 thread fee minimum per quilt.Specialty Thread charge is $10.00-$15.00 


Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Starting at just 2 cents per square inch. Come in and select from our many patterns!!   Note: Minimum charge is 50.00 


Custom Quilting: Starting at just 8 cents per square inch. Includes one border design. Note: Minimum charge is $70.00


Interpretive Quilting/Custom Design: Prices vary per quilt. I will be glad to provide you a quote!! 



Additional Machine Quilting Services 


Basting Service:  If you prefer to do your own quilting I can help you out by basting for you for only 1/2 cent per square inch.

Note: Minimum charge is $45.00 


Stippling All Over:  2-3 cents per square inch 



Preparing your Quilt


Please use the following guidelines to prepare your quilt prior to dropping it off.

  • Quilt tops should be pressed
  • All loose threads should be cut
  • Backing fabric should be squared and 4"-6" larger on all 4 sides than your quilt top.

Please keep top and backing fabric separate



Example Pricing                                                                       


Below are some starting price examples.                                                 


Twin Size (68" x 90")   6120 total sq inches                                                                       




Double Size (80" x 90")  7200 total sq inches  




Queen Size (90" x 96")  8640 total sq inches  




King Size (96" x 108")  10,368 total  sq inches




XXXL King Size (120" x 120")

14,400 total square inches




Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Batting

 96" Wide -   $9.00 per yard

108" Wide - $10.00 per yard

120" Wide - $11.00 per yard

100% Tuscan Wool Batting    

 108" Wide - $15.00 per yard     




Samples of Richard's Work     


Midnight Dance of the Butterflies -- 2002-- An original pattern.  The butterflies were cut from a Hoffman Challenge fabric and then appliquéd on with the antenna being beaded on after I finished quilting.







Quilters Snowflake -- 2003 -- An original Design that I have taught numerous times.  The quilt was featured in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine 2003, along with this pattern.  This is one of my most favorite quilts.




When Cultures Combine -- 2005 -- Hand Embroidered with appliqué and piecing.  What was I thinking?





Elizabethan Woods -- 2006 -- This whole cloth quilt is beautiful on both sides.  Adopted from one of Pat Cambell's patterns with me adding the dragon in the center.



Folk Art in Bloom -- 2011 -- My ONE and ONLY large needle turn appliqué quilt.  The borders were to have been appliquéd but I was tired of doing that.  So, being the longarm quilter I am, I quilted the borders instead.  Quilt was part of my exhibit at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.


Border Quilting



The Broach -- 2011 -- This is an original design sporting over 28,000 Swarovski Rhinestones.  It hung in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY as part of the exhibit honoring the Top 5 Longarm Quilters in the Nation.

See the Rhinestones



Lion Hearted -- An original hand embroidery design.  I love hand work while watching TV in the evenings.


Talavera on Stone -- 2014 -- This is a combination of two patterns by J. Michelle Watts.  Quilted with copper metalic thread to look like Mexican plates on a stone wall.


Angel's Gate -- This whole cloth quilt was my first attempt at trapunto.  It was done the old fashion way, meaning the batting was cut away from the design area to make it puff up.  It is all thread work on a single piece of fabric.



Earth Star -- My own design made from all my stash!  This quilt is featured in Joe Cunningham's book "Men and the Art of Quiltmaking'



Leaf Man -- This is one piece of hemp fabric purchased at Hemp Festival in Seattle.  The vendor had this piece blocking the sun, so I talked him in to selling it to me thinking it would be a cool quilt.  I entered it in the Dallas Quilt Show several years ago and fooled the judges -- they thought it was appliqued very well.



Fairies in the Frosted Jewel Box -- I saw this quilt made up (minus the fairies) years ago at Quilt County Quilt Shop.  Theirs was made in all blue.  I, of course, had to do it my way!  The fairies were made first and then applied while I was doing the quilting.






Cameo Closeup


Gols Irish Chain