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Silent Auction 2016

TAQG would like to thank the donors of the items in the Rally Day Silent Auction.  We ask each Member Guild to donate 2 items for the Silent Auction.  Some Member Guilds donate more than 2.  We will post photos of the first 2 donations, then as Rally Day approaches and we know how much more space is available we will post additional photos.  Check back Often!

Directions:  You can browse through the pictures in thumbnail view by scrolling down the page. If you click on the picture, it will show it full size.  You can go to the next picture by clicking on the picture, or the navigation arrows on each side of the picture (these will appear when you move your mouse to the edge of the picture).
Browse Quickly:  Another way to browse is to click the "Showslide Show" link and you can scroll through each item quickly. The pictures will change every 5 seconds, but you can go as quickly as you want by just clicking the picture.   To return to the list of all items, just click on "Show Thumbnails."

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